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8 Stunning Short Natural Haircuts That Will Make You Reach For Your Clippers

Warm water can be comforting but give the cold water treatment a try and you will notice the difference in your hair texture. If necessary, tie it up in a bun or ponytail to prevent tangling. Satin pillowcases aid in preventing damage as well. A Flat Top has the same combination of long top and short sides, but the top is styled to have a flat, “deck”-like appearance. Buzz cuts are excellent in a variety of ways, but they frequently take away a significant benefit that longer hair provides you.

A timeless classic, the Marilyn Monroe short curly style is flattering for women of every generation. Focused on tousled curls with a touch of hairspray, this style is beautiful regardless of what color your hair is. Asking your hairstylist for a messy curly bob with bangs is a good way to achieve a charming and versatile style you’re sure to love.

Men love hairstyles that don’t require too much time and effort in the morning. With this hairstyle, all you’ll need to do is to sweep your crown to one side and keep those faded sides clean and edgy. Using good hair products for curly hair is essential to managing and styling your curls.

The sides are buzz cut over the ears to make a smooth continued line down into the beard. A bowl cut can look weird… But with the right proportions and catchy details, this curly hairstyle for men will be the latest fashion trend. The only challenge is to find the right shape of the “bowl” for your face shape – that’s where you’ll need some help from experienced hairdressers. Slightly curly hair type works great for high pomps.

The sides are cleanly faded and the whole look is classy clean with no beard. Rock on this look with tuxedos and bet there is no coming back. The variety of cool haircuts for men with curly hair is endless.

If you want to comb or brush wet hair, use a wide-tooth comb or detangling brush that won’t damage hair. When hair is more dry than damp, work in your favorite cream, pomade, or gel. Then scrunch hair with fingers to distribute products and set the curl. Longer hair means more scrunching but just do it until you like the look. There are a number of different ways to straighten curly hair.

If you have voluminous curls, nothing works better than a pixie. Just a few trips to the parlour ice cube hair and you are sorted. This fantastic tapered effect often grows out very nicely and naturally.

The cherry on the cake is the beard which does the job of balancing the face quite well. It is true that less is more and here we have all at once. Moreover, the temple fade is just as clean as one can get. The top is slightly above buzz but it is all laid down to rest while the products help gain the shine. The buzz cut here is a decent one as it has enough volume to look thick while it is also just enough neat to put things on a clean spectrum.

It might seem intimidating at first but if you style it right, you can definitely rock the middle part. Short or long, it works with any hair length and texture as well while still demanding low maintenance. When it comes to styling this look, lean onto a blast of sea salt spray for beachy waves. Getting a buzz cut does not necessarily mean that you will lose your natural curls when they grow.