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5 Tips to Lighten Dyed Hair That Came Out Too Dark

One reason your hair can come out way too dark is that the colorist left the hair dye on way too long. The permanent dye contains chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide and ammonia and causes lightning. Blonde hair does not revert back to brown, so the cause of the problem is likely related to the water you used.

Your step-by-step process will be different depending on the way you decide to highlight your hair. Check the results by blow-drying a small section of your hair. Baking soda is an alkaline base, so on the opposite end of the pH scale, we’ve got acidic substances like vinegar. This low-pH option may be safer on strands than baking soda and proves to be similarly effective. Add some anti-dandruff shampoo to the crushed tablets. A small amount will work, enough to make an effective paste with the powder. presents the information contained on this website for the purpose of educating consumers only. is not a manufacturer or seller of any of the products described on this website. does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Leave it on depending on a color you desire to achieve but no longer than 30 minutes, then rinse out thoroughly with cold water.

A bleach shampoo can be great if you just want the color to be a little softer, or you need it to lighten up quickly and intend to use a semi-permanent color after. A permanent color may dry out your hair and is not recommended. As mentioned above, color removers are the way to go. Most beauty stores should have salespeople who are knowledgeable about the product and how to use it. Be sure to follow all of the instructions, or you might end up back in a stylist’s chair, paying hundreds to fix your attempt at correction. Remember, this is going to lighten the color, but it won’t bring your hair back to its original color.

When you combine the acidic properties of vitamin C with the cleansing, buildup-busting power of clarifying shampoo, it’s even more effective at lightening hair dye. I’ve dyed my hair dark brown so many times and it always looks black at first. But after a few washings and conditioning it looks brown and it’s very pretty. Even out in the sun a little more will turn it brown gradually also. Brown because my hair was overprocessed and grabbed too much dye.

Some people, like myself, have naturally porous hair. This can be corrected by applying a shade that is 1–2 shades lighter than the desired result. My hair how to get loose curls men color turned very dark brown , even with only leaving the coloring on for less than half the time . It looked as if I was trying too hard to look young.

Sometimes bleach is the only way to go with permanent hair color removal. To go from dark brown to medium brown highlights, you’ll need to bleach your hair color. Always keep in mind that your hair will lift only two tones at a time during a session.