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40 Snapchat Story Ideas That Will Keep Your Followers Engaged

These lenses detect two faces and put quirky masks or effects on both. Get your BFF, your partner, or even your pet involved. You can snap a video ‚Äčof both of you talking and interacting while your faces are covered by these silly lenses to make it even funnier. You can dance team names also promote your business/brand on Snapchat by hosting a contest or giveaway. This can help you not only reach more people but also get them talking about your brand. Next, open the Snapchat app on your device, and create or choose an image/video for your coupon.

The ghost filter is one of Snapchat’s most famous filters. It turns everyone in your picture into a ghost-like figure, obscured by a white light. In addition, it adds an element of curiosity for viewers who are trying to figure out what’s going on in the picture. That’s a great way of showing different corners of your restaurant to get attention from your audience and potential customers. That’s a great way to engage your followers because Snapchatters love sharing photos and videos, especially when dining out. Snapchat is a photo-sharing app that has recently taken the world by storm.

Here’s an example of how Refinery29 used lenses to spice up a simple selfie interview with a musician. The lenses made the videos fun and interesting to listen to and watch, and they were free to use, too. They add humor and a “reaction” within the snap itself to make it more memorable and human, too. This can be especially important for B2B brands since identifying like-minded companies is an important part of deciding who to do business with. Although many B2C brands have been able to do a lot of fun, interactive things with Snapchat, B2B brands have been successful in making their brand stand out on this platform as well.

If you take public commute, you can easily take one or two snap while you are waiting, transit and arriving at your destination. If you are on a bus or train, you can snap a post of the surrounding environment. As simple as this may sound, there are several viral videos that originated from the scene that happens on public buses or train. Overlaying these snap codes inside your pictures will show the people viewing your photos what you have, along with the price. In addition, that makes it easier for them to click on the snap code and immediately have a better understanding of what you are offering.

You can insert these filters on all photos, and your audience will love these beautiful stories. But, of course, that also gives your customers an insight into your delicious and flavorful menu items. Snapchat offers two different filters for food pictures.

You can also ask your followers/audience to send their questions via text message or response to your stories. This will help you get your viewers involved with your content and increase engagement. Snapchat is a lot more personal than other social networking sites.

You’ve probably heard of the term “unboxing,” typical of influencers asked to try out new products. This reveal will give your followers exclusive content from your business. The content you share should be exclusive to your Snapchat. Putting the behind-the-scenes feature in context is important, so always introduce it with a video. You can add value by creating a story sequence with multiple snaps. Talk to people on the team behind the event or key influencers to get their insights.