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34 Stunning Blue and Purple Hair Colors

If you’re looking to dye your natural hair, know that it’ll require bleach and at least a few sessions in the chair to get the color where you want it . Not ready to commit to the full dye job, especially if you’re working with already-damaged hair or drier curl types? There was some subtle ombre magic going on in March which transitioned brown roots to platinum blonde.

Since blue hair highlights don’t last long, you may have to go for regular touch ups to maintain the color. Royal blue and sky blue have had their share of hair moments, but what about their lovechild, the teal blue? We’re talking fresher and edgier than your standard blue. Sometimes colored hair can look fake like a costume—usually single process colors with no dimension. But, this ombre blue color looks like it could have grown straight from her scalp. The key is to melt different shades together to create fluidity and depth.

You can’t beat natural roots combined with nearly neon aquamarine ends. Bonus points for styling yours in two cool topknots with beach waves. Waves work to draw extra attention to the unique colors. A flouncy bob with blended streaks that alternate between green and blue? Gray had its hair moment, but what about acid-washed sky blue?

Darker blue shades are stunning, but there is something very cool about light blue hair. If you’re unsure about whether you want to go for aqua hair or powder blue, or a combination, check out these 16 different dye job ideas for inspiration. To get this look at home, start by bleaching your hair to a light blonde shade. Once you’ve achieved your desired level of lightness, blend silver grey and blue hair dye to create a shimmering effect.

I probably have all the time I spent in pools, oceans, and jacuzzis to thank for that. Chlorine and salt water can both add a green tint to your hair hue, says Kiyah. You can get the green out through a treatment mask, clarifying shampoo — or, weirdly, orange hair dark roots ketchup or tomato juice. To avoid this issue from the get go, try putting on a color-preserving conditioner before you go swimming. Hair ideas like this one do not come by very often. This is a blue that looks like several other colors.

This look starts with natural roots, then cascades into an ombré rainbow of soft pinks and purples finished off with aquamarine ends. This is the kind of hair that makes you feel instantly happier. We’re obsessed with this indigo style that fades into violet tips. Why choose between two colors if you don’t have to?

How to add shimmer and shine to your locks. It’s also a good idea to use a leave-in conditioner or hair mask once a week to keep your hair hydrated and healthy. Check out the latest looks for ideas and inspiration. Teen Vogue covers the latest in celebrity news, politics, fashion, beauty, wellness, lifestyle, and entertainment. If you’re thinking of trying colorful hair, read this first.