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33 Nice restaurants and fine dining in Quito

Food was tasty and my server was friendly and accomodating. Didn’t have to wait too long for a table for 7 people. This is the ideal place for celebrations and romantic dates. Because I am obsessed with views, Cafe’ Mosaico was one of the places I really wanted to visit and it was no mistake. I have to say I risked it to get there on foot.

A picanteria is a traditional lunchtime restaurant in Arequipa, Peru. But chef Mauricio Acuña has brought that tradition to Quito and added his own modern, elegant twist. He’s kept the low-key style as far as décor goes, but he adds organic pops of produce to each dish, creating colorful works of art. Characterized by the minimalistic and serene environment of its lush green, plant-filled dining room; this restaurant is the first gastro-picantería in Ecuador. This diner is a contemporary twist derived with sophistication, presenting the best Ecuadorian products combined with an innovative cuisine under the supervision of Chef Mauricio Acuńa.

Rich umami flavors from the tomato and mushroom base. Tandana is one the best vegan restaurants in Quito that donates all of its profits to Fundacion Libera Ecuador. Refurbish wood and metal tables and chairs, as well as recyclable bottle glasses, are use.

The restaurant is pet friendly, so expect to see dogs inside the restaurant . The food is decent and a bit pricey. They offer vegetarian and vegan options as well as non-vegetarian options. The restaurant caters encantada spanish to locals and tourists alike. I recommend an evening here for a date night, a group hangout, and to entertain guests from abroad. Somos has somehow found a perfect balance between Ecuadorian and French cuisine.

Service was amazing and personal inattentive. This is just a great high-end place. Go while you can still get a reservation.

The greatest highlight of this place is their inspiration from the ancient Andean astral cycles. I recently went there for a late lunch & asked for the GF menu. Although fish tacos was listed on the GF menu, I was told that the tacos are made with corn & wheat.