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2022 Chicago Pro Bodybuilding Show Results

Antoine Vaillant of Canada is back in action after finishing second to Iain Valliere at the 2022 Vancouver Pro. Valliere chose not to compete this weekend after securing his Olympia qualification with a win in Vancouver. Vaillant will face a challenging array of competitors as he attempts to earn his invitation to Olympia this winter. Tommy Clark is an established presence in the IFBB’s Classic Physique class. He pushed the pace last year with an incredibly busy schedule, competing at seven shows. After his first four events, he dialed in his preparations and earned the 2021 Lenda Murray Atlanta Pro Classic Physique title.

Just after Pelkey stood Tommy Clark who made to the 2021 Olympia after a great year and ended up placing 16th. The Chicago Pro is one of the most anticipated shows of the year and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Below are the results and brief recaps of each division that competed. Please note that if you do not make weight for this class, then you will either be placed into physique or bodybuilding. Muzi had the size to compare to Vaillant, but he may have been holding water; the detail in Vaillant’s physique was too much to overcome. Still, he gained five points on the Olympia Qualification System, placing him tied for second with Justin Rodriguez .

The 2022 bodybuilding season has begun, with athletes from all around the world exhibiting their physiques in the hopes of securing a coveted invitation to Mr. Olympia this winter. The 2022 Olympia will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, from December 15th to December 18th. His balanced physique and impressive mid-section are qualities that have always made him a threat at any show. He placed eighth last year at the 2021 Chicago Pro and was eager to improve that placing. In the end, Jonathan T. Pelkey got redemption for last year and won the title at the 2022 Chicago Pro. The 1967 Mr. Olympia, won by Sergio Oliva, heralded a new era in bodybuilding competition.

This is a huge win for Valliant who had faced some serious health issues over the past year. Following Valliant in second place was Tonio Burton with Andrea Muzi close behind in third to round out the podium. With this division we got to see Antoine Valliant walk away victorious is kai greene gay after coming so close last week at the 2022 Vancouver Pro where he finished in second, only 1 point behind Iain Valliere. Make a donation, or become a member, to help the Copernicus Foundation continue its support of cultural, community, and performing arts events.

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That dream is what has propelled her throughout the year so far. While she had to struggle with the physical toll of the injury, the Ukranian athlete that now calls New York home was faced with more adversity – the Ukraine/Russia crisis that started in early 2022. Diana Schnaidt has family in both Ukraine and Russia, and they are torn over the war.