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2 Seam vs 4 Seam Fastball: Which One is the Best?

When throwing this pitch in the zone you will create weak contact and ground balls for your defense to field. A successful four-seam fastball overpowers the batter with velocity, normally zipping through the strike zone before the batter can timely commit to swing. The faster a four-seamer pitch is accurately thrown, the more effective it will be. It is very difficult for a batter to get “around on” the pitch—to quickly swing the bat around to meet the ball—because they must swing very early to “catch up” to the speedy pitch. The arm movement of the four-seam fastball is a simple, normal pitch.

The straight curveball (or “overhand curveball”) is one of the most common breaking ball grips. It’s a variation of my beginners curveball and my knuckle curveball. The index and ring fingers are placed on either side of the baseball for balance, and the thumb is placed directly below the baseball.

Your fingers should be a comfortable distance apart but not too far – the farther they’re spread, the less velocity on the throw. Post pictures of your pitching grips on mybaseball pitching discussion forums. In fact, most pitchers feel this grip gives them the most rotation – and most movement – of any breaking pitch. However, many pitchers who are learning this pitch for the first time, aren’t comfortable with the “tucking” part.

Use these pitching grip descriptions and pictures as a guide to getting a better grip on the baseball. That causes the ball to sink to some degree, though this is not considered a “breaking pitch” and is thrown at full velocity. Try to exaggerate pronation on this pitch and you’re more likely to execute it with great movement. There are many reasons to choose a 4 seam fastball over a 2 seamer .

Overall, there’s a lot of difference between a 2 seam vs 4 seam fastball. Those who want to have a safe play go for the 4 seam fastball as it is thrown in a straight line and harder to play. Not much more is needed to throw this type of pitch besides emphasizing strong backspin, so a looser grip will help maximize the whip off of your fingers. There are many different types of fastballs that you can throw. A four-seam fastball is part of the fastball family but is not the only type of fastball. To throw a splitter, split the middle and index fingers and grip the ball along the widest point of the ball.

The splitter pitching grip was invented by Roger Craig and is popular amongst ace players such as Bruce Sutter, Rich Harden, and David Cone. Here’s a list of cues that may be helpful in teaching or throwing a four-seam fastball yourself. But with increased horizontal movement, the lower your arm slot gets. The arm action on this pitch is a little abbreviated at the end. Instead of getting a nice long arc of deceleration and finishing throwing elbow outside of your opposite knee , you’ll want to bring your throwing-hand elbow to the opposite hip.

So for example, if a right handed pitcher is throwing a 2 seamer to a right handed batter, the pitch will dart in toward the batter. Historically, the plan with 2 seamers was to keep them low in the strike zone and try pro football launcher to get hitters to hit the top half of the ball for an easy ground out. However, on the MLB level, batters have adjusted well to the low 2 seam fastball in recent years and its use has decreased over the past decade.