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12 Ways to Ace a Job Interview Teenage Girls

With your goal of being one notch higher on our three-tiered scale of dress code, that will give you a great idea of what to wear to your interview. You’d much rather be wearing a suit into an office full of hoodies and jean shorts than show up wearing a t-shirt in an office full of buffed leather shoes and pant suits. If you feel a little nervous, the ‘fake it until you make it’ tactic does work. If, for example, the company interviewing you is more creative or a start-upIT company with a casual edge, you can opt for something a little more smart-casual. Teens often confuse jeans with acceptable pants, however, after the age of 5 jeans are often not acceptable.

Neon colors can be fun, but they can also be distracting. You want the interviewer to focus on how awesome and qualified you are, not how bright your top is! You should also avoid bold and distracting patterns. If you can’t think of what to wear, just try to copy one of the outfits above.

Teens should also be familiar with what the current minimum wage is and have realistic expectations surrounding salary. Retail jobs are usually customer facing, so it needs to be typical interview clothing. Startups and other creative companies go the extra mile and brag about their casual work environment.

Ask a teacher or guidance counselor at your school to help out. They might even offer resume-writing workshops, which can help you with formatting and style issues. If you frequently say, “um,” or “like,” try to cut them out.

You can always check with the interviewer or the Human Resources team just to be sure. Even if they are not very particular, it’s best to stick to being study abroad georgia tech professional. It goes without saying, but animal prints of any kind, for that matter any large prints like florals, etc. are not considered formal.

So proving you’re a reliable and available employee matters. “It looks good if you come in knowing things about the position as well as the company, and this helps you know if it’s a job you really want,” she says. The secret to wearing dark pants and khakis is to coordinate the slacks’ color with your belt and shoes for the interview. A color mismatch between these objects makes it more difficult to put together a tidy appearance.

Be friendly to everyone you interact with during the interview. Shake the interviewer’s hand firmly when you arrive. Maintaining eye contact is important, as it helps show your self-confidence. At the end of the interview, thank the hiring manager for her time.

If you’ve held a job previously, think of some specific scenarios you dealt with in that position that transfer to this job. For example, you might discuss how you handled an angry customer at your cashier job. Teens have a tendency to be too casual in interviews, and that can work against you. Even if you’re interviewing at a more laidback company, good manners never go out of style.

Many companies are leveraging their offices to nab headlines at awesome publications and get more eyeballs on their brand. There are a few ways to determine what to wear to an interview. According to researchers at Princeton University, it only takes someone 1/10th of a second to form a first impression about you based on what they see. You might have the best outfit in the world, but it won’t do you much good if you aren’t well-groomed.