For fans of Beartooth, Knocked Loose, Northlane and Rings of Saturn; Within Shadows brings a thick, emotional, hard hitting sound ranging from many genres such as: Djent, Hard Rock, Hardcore, Metalcore and many more!

Within Shadows is a metal variety project based out of the Windsor ON, Canada region.

Established in 2015 by Sean Farias, everything from the instrumentals, vocals and engineering of the songs are products of his creation. Including help/collaborations with other artists such as Derek Petricka (Inflict), Joe Farias (Intruder X), Brad Tiessen, Oshie Bichar (Beartooth) and Lucas Mann (Rings of Saturn), Within Shadows wouldn’t be possible. Over the years of the project, with the releases of 1 EP and 1 LP, Sean’s growth and evolution for his sound and song writing has greatly matured. Now bringing the next chapter of his music, the 2019 LP “Face To Face”.

What inspires you to make music?
Music is my release and escape from the everyday world around me. Over the years I have had hard times, mental illnesses and anxieties that have plagued me and my life. However, with the power of creating music, I have been able to take all the positive and negative emotions I have felt through my life and put them into something artistic. I also get enjoyment in seeing and hearing from people that listen to my music that it has helped them in their own lives. Whether it be the relatable lyrics or the music, it has helped them when they needed something to keep them going. That means everything to me and pushes me to keep going.

Tell us about this project?
Within Shadows has been a project I have had going for years. Dating back to 2015 and even before that. I have worked tirelessly over the years to perfect my sound and craft to a point that I am really happy with.The growth in my music has immensely changed over the years, and as of now I have just released my most rewarding piece of work “Face to Face”. This is a full length 13 song album and my best work to date. My work consists of various metal genres, which I like to classify as “metal variety”.
Who were your musical inspirations growing up?
My biggest musical inspirations growing up would have to be my father (Joe Farias), Grandpa (Joe Farias Sr.), Caleb Shomo, Oshie Bichar, Lucas Mann, Derek Petricka and artists/bands such as: Northlane, Buckethead, Slipknot, Protest the Hero, Van Halen, Avenged Sevenfold and many more.

Are You Working On Any New Projects?
Currently I just released my newest album “Face to Face”, however I am already working on some new songs and projects. I am venturing out into new genres such as hip hop, light rock and pop. I have already been recording new tracks by myself and with friends in these styles. It is something I have wanted to try and explore in for a while. And I am looking forward to sharing with my friends and fans a whole new sound I can also do.

How long have you been creating music?
I have been creating music for more than half my life. I would say the earliest I was writing my own music or with friends and bands would be in grade school. Ever since I was practically born and out of the whom though I have had a guitar in my hand and I have been learning and playing music, whether it be with my Dad (Joe Farias) or alone.

Do you want to say anything to the people who support your music?
I love each and every person that supports me and takes the time out of their busy lives to give me and my music some loving and appreciation. A lot of time and effort goes into my work and they make me feel so appreciated. Knowing my work helps you and entertains is a rewarding feeling like no other. I just want everyone to know I don’t consider them fans, I consider them friends and family! If anyone ever needs me, to talk to me or I can do anything to help, you know I am here for you. Never be afraid to reach out to me. I love you and I will always take the time for you all each individually. Thank you endlessly!

What has been your biggest accomplishment up to this point in your career?
I would say my biggest accomplishment so far would be two things, releasing “Face to Face” which is the first piece of work I am 100% absolutely happy and proud of. The other thing would be that I have been able to work with so many incredible artists that I love, can call friends and also have looked up to and idolized for so long. These people include Oshie Bichar (Beartooth/City Lights), Lucas Mann (Rings of Saturn), Derek Petricka (Inflict) and Joe Farias (Intruder X). The fact I am able to say I have work with all these amazing musicians is an awesome feeling. And I look forward to the many more amazing people I am already working with as we speak, and the ones I still of yet will in my life.

IndieNation Review!
Within Shadows just released a new single titled, “Our Revolution” (feat. Oshie Bichar of Beartooth.) This is a hardcore rock song that reminds me of a lot of the music I grew up listening to. Our Revolution definitely gets the blood flowing. This is a must add to your gym playlist. This song also house the sound and feel that fits well in the movie industry. Our Revolution has plenty of potential for playlist and production placements. One thing that I noticed is the message behind the song. This is a well written, and well put together song that does an amazing job of getting it’s point across. Overall, I think that Within Shadows and the featured artists did an amazing job with this song and I’m interested to see what kind of placements this can get.

Anthony Barksdale

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