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Tyler Suarez is an indie alternative artist from Connecticut. He has been playing guitar since he was 4 years old, and has been releasing music since 2015. Tyler is an “artist” in every sense of the word. He writes, records, produces, films, designs, etc. all himself. Tyler is a formally trained multi-instrumentalist- a one-man-band and jack of all trades wrapped up into one.

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The new full length album “Best,” comes into the world during an uneasy time of protests and cries to be seen, and the album mirrors that. Tyler takes dives, dipping in and out of genres, using any instrument he can get his hands on, to protest the normalcies within an indie alternative record. This album is a chaotically, somehow thematic, album that is filled with existential postulations and schizophrenic situations. As Tyler explains it is “an introspective examination into living life in the modern world – which seems to almost completely virtually – through an extroverted outcry that takes the form of 10 track record.”

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Alternative Rock Star in the making Tyler Suarez just released his latest album titled, “Best.” Throughout this album you will find heart felt emotional lyrics. This album really played to my emotions and gave me music I can feel as well as listen to.

One thing I really loved about Tyler Suarez is the professionalism of his project. If you are someone who loves to read along to the lyrics line me, you especially will enjoy this album. Not only does Tyler have his lyrics, they are interactive on Apple Music. That shows me the level of dedication and commitment to perfection to his craft that he has.

The first song on this album titled, “Reality” really sets the tone for what’s to come. This is as the perfect song to lead off with. It shows off Tyler’s vocal strength and the band just gives you the perfect vibe. It took me a while to get past this song while listening to the album.

As I continue to move forward to the album I begin to realize that Tyler Suarez is a storyteller. Every song has a message, and they all fit together within the concept of the album. This is well put together, well produced and overall a really good project.

The song titled, “The Internet Was A Mistake” left me wanting more. I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that it may lead into another project. I think it had the makings of something really special. It’s still well put together but after you listen to it you too will be wanting more.

One of my favorite songs is titled, “Wow.” First off, the band is just showing off in this one. They sound like a well oiled machine that has been playing together forever and can play just about anything. I was really impressed with them throughout the album.

Overall, this album stands strong and has to be one of the best albums that I have listened to all year. From beginning to end you get quality. You also get a diverse selection of music that all seem to come together to mesh perfectly. This album is a must listen and I would not be surprised to hear a few of these songs in upcoming film and TV productions. I will be sending this out to all of my radio friends for sure.

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