Taymarion Music Review!

Indie R&B star in the making Taymarion is one of the most talented singer-songwriters that I have met over my career in the music industry. The words he writes form stories, and fall into place to form perfection which reminds me of much of the music I grew up listening to in the early 90’s. He is truly a special talent and as a military veteran such as myself I understand a lot of his sacrifices and the journey that he has had to take to get to where he is today.

For those of you who doesn’t know Taymarion he is your typical independent artist. He works a full time job and sacrificed every spare dollar he can into his music career. His grind truly never ends. When he is not at his job is he working on his music. He created more content than artists who do not work full time and the quality never falls off. If anything, it keeps getting better and better.

Like most people who place themselves in front of the public light Taymarion faces judgment every step of the way. I can feel his pain as he’s judged for his sexuality. I always give him the same advice that I give anyone. Be yourself and change for know one. True happiness comes from being free of judgment and doing what truly makes you happy. It’s been a pleasure to be able to watch Taymarion along this journey. His storytelling abilities is second to none, and he writes such relatable music if the masses were just able to open their ears and listen.

Taymarion is an artist at the top of my watch list. His music emotionally connects with its listeners and paints such vivid pictures. This is all on display on his latest single, “Endless.” Endless is the kind of song couples get married to. Its about love standing the test of time. The message is powerful and the execution is perfect.

Anthony Barksdale


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