Taymarion just released another hit single titled, “Beautiful Lies.” This song is filled with powerful yet catchy lyrics, and a deep and emotional underlying meaning. One thing I love about Taymarion as a singer-songwriter is the emotion within each and every one of his songs. Everything he writes and sings sounds personal, like it comes from a specific inspiration and it’s a story he’s sharing with the public. I love emotional music. Songs that you play in your car and sing every harmony as loud as you can. “Beautiful Lies” fits into that category.

“Beautiful Lies is about a significant other that says and does all the right things. They make you feel special, important, beautiful, and any other positive adjective that you would like to fill into the blank. However,you know that your not the only one falling for this person. “Hooked on your beautiful lies.”

The meaning, message, and the emotion involved in this song is absolutely spectacular. Taymarion is a known songwriter. His reputation proceeds him in that regard however, this is some of his best work. He continues to grow as an artist and it’s been a pleasure to be able to watch it up close in personal.

Anthony Barksdale

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