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American pop alternative song writer Talie V is catching the ears of many around the world. Fan’s describe her as a “mixture of Janis Joplin, Gwen Stephanie ,and Amy Winehouse. A voice that echoes out. Talie’s Vigorous voice and Classic rock and pop influences is what makes her such a bold musician. She has been Known to Silence a room simply by singing out grabbing the attention of her listeners. now debuting her Highly anticipated release in 2017. Currently Talie has built a great reputation performing in venues across the states. with a high energy show and strong female lead. Talie has gotten the buzz she deserves performing live on several radio stations, Including I heart radio and All steaming sites.

What inspires you to make music?
Life... Almost of my music that i create comes from a situation I've been in or have seen someone in. You know what they say Life imitates Art. It dose. I am looking forward to creating more and more. I feel like i have a lot of story telling to do. I feel confident that people will lend me their ears.

Tell us about this project?
The Ep Heaven's Here is the three top songs from a abundant of others I have waiting to be produced. I guess this is just a taste of what I can do and produce. I have a great group of musicians backing me up such as Elisa Seda a amazing drummer from Berkelee. The studio I worked with Dogmanic in Soflo where helpful with bringing out the best in everyones performance and bring my vision to light. I say 90% of the instruments you hear are real people. I didn't want to do a lot of sampling to keep it true to how it sounds when i perform live with the band. Also i feel more emotions in the song when there are people backing me up who love music just as much as I do.

Who were your musical inspirations growing up?
OOOOO this is always my fav question. I have a few people who have influenced me and its always a growing list. I have to say growing up the women of rock always gave me chills. Just to name a few Band with front women like Jack off jill, Jefferson airplane, No doubt, The cardigans and Garbage are def influential to my music and style. I love writers like Amy whine house and Stevie Nicks. To have a strong powerful voice like Janice and that edge like Jett. 😀 I have to say Trent Reznor from NIN is in my list too of artist that influenced me.

Are You Working On Any New Projects?
Yes, At the moment I have a lipstick collection and beauty products Inspired by the music I love and people who rock. <3 First collection is the Lipstick Mixtape Ep available on band camp. Next plan is to promote my music to gain more fans to be then release a album. I am planning on going to the studio this fall to begin I have a single in mind i would like to start and release in the first half of the new year. How long have you been creating music?
I think the first song I can remember writing was when I was 4 heehe. I know this doesn't count. I can say middle school is when it really started for me. I of course was a band dork and played a few instruments for school band up to high school. I was in bands with friends as a lead singer. We had a Jack off jill cover band when i was about 14. The name was Arsenic candy.. how funny.

Do you want to say anything to the people who support your music?
Thank you. Every play every like every subscription counts. Its such a good feeling to get feed back from you so please don't be shy to comment or send a email. I would love to hear more from y'all! I create to tell stories and the fact you take the time to listen means the world to me.

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