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Suicide Swans just released a new album titled. "Augusta." This Australian band is taking the world by storm. Their music is relatable not only in their country, but globally. They have a nice authentic sound from the band, and the lead singer has a great voice. The first song is titled, "Horses." This song is a great intro and gives you a great idea of what to expect from the rest of the album.

This album is filled with meaningful lyrics and songs that you truly can feel. This is a classic country album. Raw instruments, heart felt lyrics, and songs that bring out true emotion in you while you're listening.

Song number 2 is titled, "Let Me Be." This song has a slow tempo is has a great story behind it.

Suicide Swans album Augusta was very well produced. I cannot speak enough about the band and how well they sound together. I would love to see them play live. I can only imagine how authentic and heart felt every song would be in person.

Songs such as, "Wall," and "Broken Lines" are my favorite on the album. The stories behind them are amazing and you can really feel every line.

I really appreciated this album. Suicide Swans shows a lot of versatility. They had uptempo and slower songs working together to compline a really powerful album that has the potential to touch the hearts and minds of people around the world. I would highly recommend Suicide Swans to any music lovers. Their music is filled with passion and you can tell the band really loves what they do. Everyone take the time to listen to this album, trust me you will love it just as much as I did.

Anthony Barksdale

Who Is Suicide Swans?
Suicide Swans are an Australian 5 piece alt-country band from Brisbane/Toowoomba that in their previous 5-year incarnation through the release of their self titled EP ‘Suicide Swans’ (2013) and debut album ‘Ghosts We Forget’ (2014) featured the band’s sound of mixing - the twang of country, the chug of 60’s/70’s rock with dashes of pop that they termed cosmic country. In 2016 the band once again escaped to their studio, By The Living Grace where they recorded and mixed their new album 'Augusta'. If Suicide Swans first self-titled release was firmly planted in their early folk/bluegrass/country roots, and their debut album ‘Ghosts We Forget’ allowing the band to paint with the broad strokes of cosmic country. Then their second album ‘Augusta’ advances the band’s sonic experimentation into 10 songs that represent a band confident and on the move as they push their sound into new territories while keeping one foot firmly planted in their early alt-country roots.

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