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Sabrina Petrini is a pop star in the making based out of Los Angeles California. A heart felt creator of authentic music, fashion, dance and anything else she sets her mind to. Sabrina is truly one of a kind. Highly passionate, motivated, and setup for a great future in whatever she desires. Sabrina is an example of someone who gave all she had into the dream chase. Spilled her heart and soul into saying true to herself along the journey.

Sabrina Petrini conquered that fear that we all have naturally inside us that limits our risk taking and prefers safety.

It's nothing safe about being unique or creating a new style of fashion or music. We live in a world that to be different is often complimented by being ridiculed.

It takes a big heart to stay true to ones self. To have faith in your own abilities. To believe when know one else does.

Seeing someone like Sabrina have success reaffirms my belief that those who work the hardest and stay true to themselves usually win.

Sabrina's new album is titled, "I Will. I Can. I Am." This album takes you on an emotional rollercoaster with Sabrina's passion and love for her craft screaming off of ever song.

Sabrina is someone that I expect major things from in the near future and look forward to watching her career progression.

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