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Riversun started by Chris Tinkler in 2016 is a rock band project based in Brighton, England, although Chris is originally from Johannesburg, South Africa. Using influences from blues all the way to hard rock Chris has recorded a collection of songs that are guitar charged and inspired by personal experiences and worldly matters in general. The band now has a new and exciting line-up in England.

Forming a band known as Sunburn in the early 2000’s Chris began gigging on the JHB scene before changing the line up and renaming the band Broadway Screamer which enjoyed some recording and touring success. During the mid 2000’s Broadway Screamer was playlisted on various radio stations in the country as well as having a music video on mainstream TV. The band also had several radio and tv interviews and were signed up by a local label with the view of releasing a full album.

Broadway Screamer eventually through various line up changes and personal circumstance dissolved and the musicians took a few years break from music before the signed deal could take shape and thus a full length album was never released.
After some time off from music Chris decided to embark on a new project which he named Riversun, this was in an effort to complete what was not done in the past and that was to release a full length album.

For the debut album Reflections in Fire the artists on the album were Rory Gaddin on bass and Warren Knocker on drums, two very talented individuals who had to learn the album remotely and finally come together with Chris to make the final take of the recording. Not an easy task and further more showcased their talents. There are also a few guest appearances on the first album notably Nick Clube on Refelctions on Fire whom assisted on keyboards and some backing vocals.

A year after the debut album an EP entitled Unearthed was released which is three songs that Chris had written a few years ago.

To record Unearthed Chris teamed up with Greg Tinkler on Bass and Geoff Smith on drums who were from the live lineup up of their previous band Broadway Screamer. The three tracks were remixed and mastered and sent out to the world and have more of a live recorded energy about them.

Recordings were done by John Paul de Stefani of B Sharp Studios in South Africa. Chris has always believed that JP is one of the most talented and professional sound engineers in South Africa and deserves not only that but international recognition. For mastering the band used Chris Bethea based in the USA.
The band is currently rehearsing with a new line up preparing for potential future shows in the UK. Watch this space!

What inspires you to make music?
The sheer joy of making music comes from my love of guitar first of all. It was what inspired me in the first place, the power and energy of an electric guitar on full distortion is what grabbed me as a teenager. So I would say the instrument itself drives me as the start of creating a song. From there my lyrics are mostly based on personal experiences, be that with people, relationships or how I see the world. I feel strongly about environmental issues on the planet. I just basically at the end of the day enjoy rock music, long may it live!

Tell us about this project?
This project is the follow up to the first full album we released a year ago. Some of these tracks were considered for the album but we decided to put them on the backburner. After the album was released and well received I decided it was time the world heard them. They were recorded slightly different to the album being taken as a live in studio performance and then further produced after that.

Who were your musical inspirations growing up?

Mostly bands from the 90's grunge era, so I listened to a lot of Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains. In my early teens I was exposed to quite a lot bands my parents enjoyed like AC/DC, Guns and Roses, Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Are You Working On Any New Projects?
At the moment we are working on our live performance and rehearsing for potential gigs in the Brighton area.

How long have you been creating music?
since the early 2000's

Do you want to say anything to the people who support your music?
Just thank you for believing in rock music, you are the ones who keep it alive as one of the purest most rewarding art forms out there.

IndieNation Review!
Although Riversun the band originated in 2016 they sound as though they have been playing together for ever. They come across as a well oiled machine ready to take the music industry by storm. After listening to their new single, "Tell Me" I am very excited about their future as a band as they continue to grow together and begin to create even more chemistry. Lead vocals and guitar player Chris Tinkler has an amazing voice and together him, Stewart Sweet on the Drums and Anthony Fisher on Bass seem to really mesh well. There music reminds me of some of the bands that really captured my attention growing up. There passion and energy is very clear and I look forward to keeping a close eye on Riversun Moving forward!

Anthony Barksdale

Instagram: riversunrock
Facebook: riversunband

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