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Soulful singer Rayne Michael grew up listening to the music his parents listened to, and first formed an interest through the sounds of Country & 80’s music played around the house. Finding an even greater pull towards the rhythms and grooves of Top 40, R&B, Pop, Rock & Soul genres, Rayne began to discover his own talents and establish a vibrant, permanent connection to music as he started to sing.
After first approaching his new-found talents with trepidation – it would be his sister Charity that would help him make that final breakthrough he was looking for. Encouraging him to truly embrace his voice and sing with full confidence and volume, Rayne Michael began to take hold of his talent & skills, his ability to connect with people emotionally through the music and genuine passion for singing and started to pursue his dreams with everything he had.
His strong desire to entertain, sing and perform has led him to an inspiring, unique sound that brings a comforting and cohesive blend to his music. Continually challenging himself creatively, Rayne blends smooth sounds of R&B with a rock/pop edge that keeps the music fresh, soulful and exciting through his vocals. Writing songs that come from deep within and reveal the heart of a thoughtful, endearing musician who authentically expresses himself in inspiring tones & music that makes a beautifully memorable impact.

Rayne Michael just released the lyric video for his single titled, "Baby I See." In this single Rayne Michael showcases his powerful vocals and creative storytelling ability. This well written song has a smooth beat, is well produced, and will have you signing along. Baby I See is a hit single that has serious potential. Rayne does a great job of creating an atmosphere with his music that allows you to make an emotional connection. His music is very personable. This radio ready single needs to be on your music playlist.

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