Up and coming artist from Gainesville, FL and living in Lakeland,FL. Recently released this EP RIVM “ Room For Me” July 1st 2019. All in all, excited for the next phase of this journey!

What inspires you to make music?
What inspires me to make music is the timeless music I’ve heard over the years. Seeing the impact it left on people and even myself. The stories that were told and knowing that I could too share my own one day. Being able to touch people in a way that only music could, through the soul.

Tell us about this project?
This project is the title. ROOM FOR ME. The misconceptions of not enough room for another artist, the industry is over saturated. This project was about how I took my time to show that if there going to make room for me, I’ll make it worth it.

Who were your musical inspirations growing up?
All time favorite was always Toni Braxton. The soul in her sound. I can feel it not just hear it. Definitely Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, Prince, Mariah Carey.

Are You Working On Any New Projects?
The album for RIVM.!! Visuals.

How long have you been creating music?
I’ve been CREATING since middle school, I had a group in the 6th grade called “squad 5”. I didn’t begin to record until about maybe 2013 which was mostly features. I began recording my own music in 2015.

Do you want to say anything to the people who support your music?
It’s been a blessing to be able to witness this, being able to smell my flowers while I’m here. It’s not even a Grammy but it sure as hell feels like I’ve been blessed with support like no other!

IndieNation Review!
R&B Artist RaeJoí just released a new single titled, Crossfires In Canada.” This new single is smooth, powerful and well written. RaeJoí has such a soft sweet voice. Her lyrics are deep and her songs are well written. The instrumental for “Crossfires In Canada” fit so perfectly with RaeJoí’s voice. Her harmonies sound amazing and the mix sounds pure and very clear. I really enjoyed listening to RaeJoí “Crossfires In Canada” and this should be a must add to your R&B playlist.

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Instagram: Raejoi

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