Indie Nation is Affiliated with a Global Radio Network of 35,000 Stations.

Professional Radio Network that has Partnered With:

Sony Music, The Orchard, & Universal Music on top 40 and Indie Music Releases..

Original Songs Should Be Registered  To:

BMI, ASCAP, SESAC or Other Publisher for proper Royalty Pay Out.

Clean Version of Music is Preferred to Maximize Radio Placement.

As Always, All Music Genres are Accepted!

4-6 weeks of Radio Spins, Worldwide radio promotion of your release in up to 3 genres, Record Pool Submission to the following stations:

  • FM radio
  • Local radio
  • Digital radio
  • National network radio
  • College stations
  • Soundsystems
  • AM radio
  • Internet radio
  • Satellite radio
  • Syndicated Radio shows
  • In-store Radio (Retail Chains, Malls, Restaurants, etc.)
  • Radio DJs

We provide you with Analytic Reports which details each country and radio station that has downloaded your release for airplay. Along with interview requests from radio stations.

Please allow 2-3 weeks after purchase for radio campaign to start.

The radio stations need time to review and schedule your music into their rotation. This is not a plug and play network, these are professional radio stations. 

Your music quality will dictate how well your song performs within this massive radio network!

  • Adult Contemp. / Top 40 6732
  • Alternative 1723
  • Blues 490
  • Christian 932
  • Classical 907
  • Country 2721
  • Easy Listening 1759
  • Electronic 2958
  • Folk 544
  • Holiday Music 273
  • Inspirational 260
  • Jazz 2095
  • Latin 1661
  • Metal 1132
  • Oldies 122
  • Pop 2133
  • R&B  2211
  • Rap / Hip-Hop 2045
  • Reggae 218
  • Rock 3754
  • Soundtrack 19
  • World 1672


Answer: Composers / writers and publishers will receive royalties from the right organization they are associated with. A radio stations pay to a PRO for a broadcast license, and the PRO pay to composers / writers and Publishers.

We promote mostly to stations that report to Nielsen and pay fees to right organizations like BMI, ASCAP, SOCAN, PRS, BUMA, GEMA, SABAM, Streamlicensing etc. All Radio Promotions Come With Social Media Promo!”

Share your music with stations and people around the world!
Over 30k Stations are involved with this network.
Global Radio Network Submission – All Stations are Registered for PAID SPINS! (ALL GENRES, CLEAN OR DIRTY VERSIONS ACCEPTED) Reports Available