Nisha Nandez – My Head

Nisha Nandez is an Army Combat Veteran who is now a singer/lyricist. She combines her sultry tone with an eclectic hybrid of pop, electronic, and dance mixes to produce a nouveau Pop/Dance sound. She has recently teamed up with DJ JackEL from Las Vegas, NV to add a dynamic new Dance/EDM vibe to her music.

Nisha Nandez just released a new single titled, “My Head.” First off I want to give a special shout out to a fellow veteran and thank you for all of your sacrifices. Secondly, Nish Nandez has made a smooth transition into the music industry. This is a well put together song with powerful lyrics and a EDM mix to give it the perfect vibe for the club. Her storytelling abilities are special, and you need to take her serious as an artist. I really enjoyed the songwriting of Nisha Nandez with this single. She tells a story from beginning to end. This is a fun song that you can dance to. It has a ton of potential and if it isn’t distributed already, it should me. This is is a must add to your nightlife playlist.

Anthony Barksdale

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