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Mark Harrell is a West Michigan raised singer-songwriter who’s music can be found as melancholy, earnest and introspective yet very relatable. His lyrics are the driving force behind the contemporary indie folk sound he produces.
He draws inspiration from songwriters like: Jeff Tweedy, Gregory Alan Isakov, Nick Drake and Jason Isbell. His newest album Blue Birds is out now on all major music platforms.

What inspires you to make music?
Stories, personal experiences and the human condition. Wanting to tell my story to make other people who are going through the same thing, not feel alone.

Are You Working On Any New Projects?
Yes, working on another album as soon as possible with a full band!

How long have you been creating music?
since 2014.

Do you want to say anything to the people who support your music?
I love you so much and I really appreciate every minute you listen to the music, every penny you spend on the records and shirts. It all fuels me to keep going.

IndieNation Review
Mark Harrell just released his new single titled, "Still Can't Forget." This song is filled with positive vibes. From the soft vocals, the amazing storyline, and amazing band Mark Harrell creates a unique sound. "Still Can't Forget" has a wonderful storyline that is highly relatable. This is the kind of song that makes you feel and taps into your emotions. This is a well put together song and the female vocals add the perfect final touch. Overall I really liked Mark Harrell's single, "Still Can't Forget."

Anthony Barksdale

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Twitter: harrellmusic
Instagram: harrell_mark

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