Marlon Becerra, better known by stage name M Dot Brando, is a Mexican-American Hip-Hop/Latin Artist hailing from San Francisco, California. Recording his first albums with a group named T.X.P. (Triple X Playaz), M Dot Brando soon became the group’s breakout artist. In 2009, M Dot Brando released his first collaboration project under The Beat Cellar titled “Bama 2 Da Bay”, which featured Down South artist J-Dro from Birmingham, Alabama. A slew of projects soon followed: “Pick Your Poison” (2010) with San Francisco native King Reegz (Nasa), “On My Way” (2011), “The A Side” EP (2012), which included the single “Cable Cars” that was his first domestic popular song that got spins from several Bay Area online radio stations.

In 2013, M Dot Brando released “Edit Man”, a project showcasing his audio engineering talents. The project was featured on Damaddhouze’s Radio Station Top 10 list, and 89.5 FM KPOO, which is a staple radio station in Northern California. With the buzz at an all time high, M Dot Brando released “Misunderstood”, filming a music video and reaching a number of DJ’s locally, and the song became his trademark track during live shows.

On Mexican Independence Day 2015, M Dot released “Latino Anthem” (music video), a tribute to all his Latino followers and all latinos alike. The song was featured on “International Dot” (2016), his 14th solo project, which made noise up and down California and Nevada headlining a 12-city summer tour (TBC TOUR 2016).

M Dot Brando’s latest release, “El Movimiento” LP contains a variety of different production styles spanning from Latin, Reggaeton to Trap, from Bay Area to R&B, accompanied with bilingual (Spanish/English) lyrics. El Movimiento is a Latin themed album that is accompanied by music videos “This Moment” shot and edited by Wooyeon.Bay (90XVision) and “El Movimiento” shot and edited by Patrick Presto of Vcious Entertainment, available on Youtube.

In addition to being an artist, M Dot Brando and The Beat Cellar have donated to several charities including Haiti (2010) earthquake relief, Earthquake and Tsunami relief for Japan (2011), Summer Camp through Catholic Charities CYO (2012), NAFCON for the Philippines Typhoon relief (2013), The Maureen and Craig Sullivan Youth Center (2013), (2015), Totus Tuus (2016) and The Mexican Red Cross for earthquake relief (2017/2018).

What inspires you to make music?
I’m inspired by the way that music is globalized now a days. You can reach people all over the world and speak to them through the music. You can change someone’s whole mood with your creation or perspective on life. You can teach those who tap in something new, give them a new experience with the music.

Tell us about this project?
Un Trago Dos Tragos is a Spanglish/ Reggaeton feel good joint. It’s one of them songs that make you want to go out with your friends, drink and have a good time. Meet someone new and get close to them, literally.

Who were your musical inspirations growing up?
Growing up, I was definitely inspired by the greats: Ice Cube, Nas, Tupac, Biggie and, some local San Francisco artists such as RBL, 11/5 and GLP. Now a days, I find myself being inspired by the latin artists of this era: J. Balvin, Bad Bunny, Ozuna, Anitta and Becky G. Lately I’ve been studying their music and their strategies as I’m currently crossing over to the Latin market.

Are You Working On Any New Projects?
Just got back from the Ascap Expo in Hollywood. While I was down there, I got in the studio with my producer Stilla On The Beat and put something together. It’s fire!

How long have you been creating music?
Since I could remember…I think creating doesn’t necessarily have to be tangible or finished art. As a kid, I would write lyrics in my head or in church sing certain tunes and make my own songs that entertained me while I was bored in school. lol.

Do you want to say anything to the people who support your music?
Yes, thanks for always believing in me, especially those who have followed me since day 1. Your warm comments and positive direct messages get me through. I also want to thank them for purchasing my music. A percentage of those proceeds have gone to different charities. Together we’ve made an impact on the lives of those who are overlooked by society or un-cared for. Thanks! 💯

Why should people follow you or have interest in your music?
I think people should tune into what I’m doing because I’m just like them. I have desires just like them, I’m chasing a dream just like them and I want to have a personal relationship with them. I’m reachable. I respond to my direct messages. I want them to know that no matter what is going in their personal lives, that nothing is impossible. That my goal is to dream big and to win. To inspire them. I want to share the victories with them and also be able to count on them when I fail. I want that real love and I want to give it back too…

IndieNation Review!
M Dot Brando just released a new single and video titled, “Un Trago Dos Tragos.” This fun and upbeat song has a lot of club potential and fits in well with the night life scene. The title translates to 1 drink 2 drinks. One thing that I really liked about this song was the Spanish that M Dot Brando added to the hook. Recently, this style has been doing well and it’s nice to see M Dot Brando take advantage of being bilingual. This kind of music and sound can attract people from all over the world. This song is highly marketable with a high ceiling. I could see this getting picked up for placements for club playlists and even potentially a movie scene where this could fit the vibe. Overall, this was a solid package of a song and video. Both are the utmost quality and lyrically M Dot Brando really showcases his ability.

Anthony Barksdale

Twitter: mdotbrando
Instagram: mdotbrando

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