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Kati Caliber is a pop star on the rise. I was highly impressed with her new single Bright Lights. Kati Caliber is an extremely talented vocalist. This isn't a song that you can listen to just once. The melody will stick with you, and have you singing along in no time. This smooth, feel good song is catchy. Kati Caliber's passion and love for singing is evident. Kati has a powerful and soulful voice that will engage and capture you in the moment. Bright Lights is a well produced song that creates feelings that allow me to envision it being placed in a movie. This is one of the best pop singles that I have received this year.

Anthony Barksdale

Kati Caliber – EP Release
Bright Lights
The Satellite
March 22, 2018
21+ / $10 / 7pm

LOS ANGELES, CA – March 22, 2018,
L.A.-based singer/songwriter Kati Caliber celebrates the release of her new EP with a 9 p.m. show at The Satellite. As well as showcasing her soaring voice, weapons-grade pop hooks and charismatic stage presence, her performance will be charged with the conviction of an artist who is walking her path, fulfilling her highest potential and, above all, living her truth.

“Once upon a time I lived a lie,” Kati Caliber confesses in the opening moments of her debut EP, Bright Lights. “New job, big house and shiny cars, white-washed house and falling stars… It took everything I had to play along.”

For anyone who has heard Kati’s soulful, passionate vocals or witnessed one of her captivating live performances, it might be hard to imagine those lyrics as anything but pure fiction. With a hook-filled, synth-driven pop sound that places her in the company of Pink, Gwen Stefani, Taylor Swift and Lady Gaga, as well as an instinctive ability to make audience members feel like every song was written just for them, this is a woman who was clearly born to make music. Yet there was a time when the lure of job security nearly derailed her from her life’s calling.

Shortly after graduating high school, Kati became the primary in-house session singer at Jupiter Studios in her native St. Louis, MO. However, the unpredictability of the music business—not to mention some good old-fashioned parental pressure—eventually led her to take a high-paying “regular job” as a buyer for a well-known shoe company.

“I stopped singing and writing completely, because it made me too sad that I wasn’t following my heart,” she recalls.

The turning point came in the form of a particularly inspiring Foo Fighters concert. Within three months of that event, Kati sold her house and car, quit her job and moved to L.A., where she found her true home under the stage lights for which her new EP is named.

The singer recounts this tale on Bright Lights’ infectious title track. “Under the bright lights, illuminating gold like diamonds in the sky,” she sings. “I’m in the spotlight, losing all control, breathing holy fire.”

Co-created with producer Rev. Tom Chandler, Bright Lights finds Kati proudly reclaiming her passion. Every song on the EP is a potential Top 40 hit, telling a vivid story while seducing the listener with catchy melodies and irresistible dance beats.

Though Bright Lights is her artistic debut, Kati is a recording studio veteran: She has lent her voice to countless singles, jingles, cartoons and TV shows and worked with industry heavyweights like Grammy-winning producer Tom Weir of Studio City Sound, two-time Grammy-nominated composer/producer Jorge Patrono and award-winning composer Michael Cuneo. Her singing can also be heard on the game app The Voice.

Kati has a long list of stage appearances to match her recording creds: She has performed all throughout Los Angeles at iconic venues like House of Blues, The Viper Room, Whisky a Go-Go, TRiP and Saint Rocke, among many others.

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  1. Mieae

    You are amazing! And 100% on point, “soulful voice”. Keep shining, beautiful.


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