Fade Kush: Hip-hop and rap recording artist from South East Los Angeles area. I like to make music about my hustles, daily life experiences, life situations, and of course, smoking some fire cannabis!

Melo G: Hip hop Artist / producer from Los Angeles, California. When you hear “We Only Listen To That G shit” then just know I made that beat.

Tell us about this project?
Melo G: The song Rocket Man was made in Fade’s garage. I made the beat at home the day before then pulled up and Fade was digging the beat. We laid the hook down that night an wrote our verses solo, came out clean tho.

Fade Kush: My boy Melo G and I have been working on a lot of dope songs over the last year, this is one of our favorites so we decided to finish it and release it for our friends, family and fans to enjoy the song with us!

Who were your musical inspirations growing up?
Fade Kush: Nowadays my biggest inspiration are my friends and family, but growing up my biggest musical inspirations had to be T.I, 50 Cent, Wiz Khalifa, King Lil G, and Travis Scott.

Melo G: Growing up I’ve listen to many different Genres of music but a artist I can definitely say off top who inspires me is Wiz. As a youngin he introduced me to a lot of my drip I still carry with me today.
Are You Working On Any New Projects?
Melo G: Yes I’m always working on new music and being consistent with my drops. Before the year 2019 ends I am aiming to drop music videos an mixtapes, the singles will still be coming.

Fade Kush: Right now I am getting ready to drop my new singles “360” and “Loud Shit”. But I am always working on music whether its creating something completely new or going back into the files and see which song should be finished next.

https://mobile.twitter.com/Cali_Love5 https://twitter.com/fade_kush



Social Media Links!
https://www.instagram.com/fadekush/ https://www.instagram.com/melo_gshit/?hl=en
https://m.facebook.com/MeloGhoe https://www.facebook.com/FadeKush/

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