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Who is EsZ?
EsZ is an Artist from New York City uniquely known for creating timely content by blending the worlds of art and music and connecting with listeners using personal stories and relevant themes.

IndieNation Review:
New York HipHop Artist EsZ just released a new EP titled, "If You Didn't Get This Message, Call Me." Within this 6 track EP EsZ does a great job of showcasing his talent and versatility. One thing that grabbed my attention instantly with EsZ is his ability to tell a story. His music is meaningful and filled with substance.

My favorite song on the EP would have to be titled, "Saucy." EsZ's flow is real dope on this single. The beat, production, hook, verses you name it this song is hot. Out of all the songs on the album I would have to say that this one is the most radio ready single.

Another song that I really liked was titled, "To Live The Good Life." This motivational, uplifting, inspiring song is from the eyes of any and everyone who inspires to be better. We all want to live the good life, only some of us put in the work to actually do it. This song caught my ear instantly.

Overall this is a solid EP. EsZ has talent. His unique sound and flow is catchy creative and something that I can rock with.

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