Welcome to the Enlightenment Saloon, an elegant social gathering with lively music, intelligent discourse, and a two-drink minimum. A place where rational people have irreverent fun, where Thomas Jefferson talks with Festus as they watch the dancing girls.

Scott DL is a consummate musician who has been performing since his salad days. Starting in 1997, Scott performed around the U.S., released six CDs, and in 2013 recorded with legendary producer and engineer Bruce Swedien. Nowadays, Scott divides his time between Enlightenment Saloon, carousing in England’s music scene, and watching the Rodeo Channel on DirectTV.

D. E. Pals’ career has taken him from music to the art world to digital media production to teaching history. These days, when he isn’t writing and producing for Enlightenment Saloon, he is often doing what any self-respecting philosophy might do, namely, conducting celestial observations with his telescopes, organizing EDM raves, or going on the Grand Tour.

What inspires you to make music?
Our music is inspired by all the usual stuff: Stories, relationships, art, epiphanies, sex, social conditions, transformative experiences, imagination, travel, and laughter.

Tell us about this project?
Enlightenment Saloon’s art/music video Driving on Instinct is about multitasking while careening through life’s twists and turns.

After moving to Los Angeles years ago, I found driving in LA traffic— along multi-lane freeways or careening through the twists and turns of Sunset Blvd. toward the beach— to be bonkers!! Eventually I became acclimated to the (mostly) controlled chaos of life in LA. Disclaimer: Multitask while driving at your own risk. — D. E. Pals

Are You Working On Any New Projects?
Enlightenment Saloon is currently preparing for performances this summer in and around Cheltenham, UK.
We are in pre-production for an EDM remix of Driving on Instinct.

Do you want to say anything to the people who support your music?
Thanks to all who have given our songs a spin. We are extremely grateful for the opportunity to share our music!

IndieNation Review:
Indie Rock Band Enlightenment Saloon just released a new single and video titled, “Driving on Instinct.” The band sounds like a well oiled machine. Everything flows together smoothly highlighted by great lead vocals and excellent band play. This song is a well put together story that flows from beginning to end. This is the kind of song that I can see featured in a ton of different movie scenes. “Driving on Instinct” has a bunch of placement material. I really like what I see from Enlightenment Saloon and would love to catch a live show one day.

Anthony Barksdale


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