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Edwin Hosoomel was born in Panama in 1982. He has lived the last decade in Germany, calling Hamburg... home.

His love for the music started when he was 6 years old and a record machine came to his hands. But it was not until his mid-twenties, when his talent was “discovered” by some Friends, who listened to him singing by chance.

His musical passion and journey began with Reggae music and went from there to HipHop (… still loving them), evolving then in some kind of mix of both. All this path led him as singer-songwriter to the sounds of Alternative R&B. What electrified him most about it? It gives him space for complexity and it allows him to experiment not only with new and interesting sounds but with new emotions.

The result?...a very minimalistic, elegant, but still powerful sound.

Edwin is currently composing and producing his debut studio album called “Lighthouse” together with friend and composer Tillmann Dentler.

His debut single "Games in the darkness" is about intensity and power in an unequal relationship. It was released on March 03, 2017. (A couple of weeks after the release Edwin was chosen by the German radio station Detektor.FM as "Best Newcomer")

After releasing his second single "Doo Wop (That Thing)" as a tribute to Ms. Lauryn Hill, Edwin was nominated as "Best R&B singer" for the 35th German Rock and Pop Awards 2017.

What inspires you to make music?
Great question. I simply need it… I need to do, what I decided and I am trying to do. It is the only way I can be me… it is the only way I have to express those things inside, the most perfect way possible. I simply have to make music… there is no other way.
I also have to admit that, a very small part of me also wants to know, if I am able to achieve something like that on my own. I need to prove myself.

Tell us about this project?
I am working right now on my debut EP (which will be called “Lighthouse”). Trying to get it done without having a label or something like that behind me, is a huge challenge, but at the same time perfect, since I am 100% free to do whatever I want and express and develop my ideas the way I want. I hope I can release it at the beginning of 2018.

My debut single was "Games in the Darkness". Now I dropped my second single Doo Wop. As you may have noticed, the song is a tribute to the artist, who inspired me 20 years ago to do, what I'm currently doing... the amazing Lauryn Hill.

Who were your musical inspirations growing up?
Well, a lot of great artists of different genres...Prodigy, Lauryn Hill, Jorge Drexler, Oasis and Jay-Z are some of them

How long have you been creating music?
I just started this year. I just want to achieve something with my music... and with that, I don’t mean something big, but something meaningful…. Just play and play everywhere I can. There is a thing inside saying “do it, it is now or never… ” (but I guess every independent artist has the same thing inside heheh…..I hope).

Do you want to say anything to the people who support your music?
Just be you! It seems nowadays to be very difficult to do that. Just be yourself no matter what.

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