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Eazie Da God made his mark as one of the most distinguished, forthcoming artists of his generation creating his own lane of Hip-Pop (Hip Hop and Pop Music). Hailing from NYC, Eazie has brought his non-traditional talents to Detroit Rock City, where he now resides. When asked why the transition, Eazie expressed his love for NYC and claimed his hometown will always be number one to him. He uttered that Detroit is similar to him, as he made a few mistakes and is on the rise again – undefeated. He said he could relate to the city and thus wanted to be apart of the revitalization. He hopes to rock the hearts of Detroiters with his music that has inspired his fans from the East Cost. His true authenticity makes him a resilient force in the world of entertainment. Eazie Da God believes in the ‘Law of Attraction’ and makes it his mission to push out positive vibes musically that attracts people of all ages. His individuality makes way for fresh sounds and timeless talent in today’s uniform industry. Eazie Da God, admired by hundred of thousands of fans originated as a YouTube and NYC Summer Jam sensation where he now has over 1.2 Million viewers, collectively. He is constantly evolving as an independent hip-hop artist with a pop feel. Known for his bold style and intricate sound, he is easily set apart from conventional industry standards. His out of the box image always leaves his fans in anticipation of what is to come. Eazie Da God has performed from New York to Detroit and has over 300,000 followers on social media. Notorious for his vibrant personality, Eazie Da God effortlessly dominates any stage. Nevertheless, he pushes the envelope with his edgy and vibrant performances. When he’s not entertaining an audience, Eazie Da God can be found in the Sandman studio working on his upcoming EP with producer- DJ Sandman and music greats like Edward Tony Green a.k.a. T. Money Green who is a legendary bass player best known for his work with Dr. Dre. Above all, Eazie Da God lives for his fans and encourages them to chase their dreams and to live as ‘God’s’, Kings and Queens. Eazie constantly strives to uphold his originality and command every crowd. He never disappoints with the passion and intensity behind his sound. What Inspired You To Make This Song? I wanted to make a song for the ladies as they are my biggest supporters. Booty Shorts is a feel good single for the summer time. It was made to get people on their feet and just dance. Are You Working On Any New Projects? EP on the way called "EazieDoesit" The EP is going to represent me as the artist I have become. Opening a lane for Hip Pop - Hip Hop and Pop music. This EP will feature live instruments and real musicianship featuring some of the world's biggest names like T. Money Green from the Dramatics, Astray, Dj Sandman and many others. Who Are Your Musical Influences? Lupe Fiasco Ludacris Fabolous TI Nas Motown EDM What Are Your Goals in the music industry? To bring a different mix of music, positive energy & influential messages to young go getters, dream chasers & entrepreneurs that can relate to myself and music. My goal is produce real music and reflect real musicianship. What can we expect from you in the future? Modeling Promotional tour EP release Twitter ID @EazieDoesit Instagram ID @EazieDoesit

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