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Electric, original & fierce. Dottie Mai is a big contender in the electro-pop world of music. After teaching herself piano, and then music production, she uses emotion as a fundamental foundation of her material; not only creating catchy tracks, but adding heart and soul into them as well.

What Are Your Goals In The Music Industry?
I'm able to create and produce my own material, with a grade 2 in flute from when I was about 8 as a musical base. I've used listening, trial and error and experimentation to learn the art of piano and music production and I want to knock down the walls and stereotypes for other artists like me.

There is no right or wrong way to enter the music world, you just have to be yourself and do it your own way. Theory can obviously be helpful, alongside professional training, but with the right attitude and dedication, its possible to become just as successful as traditionally trained musicians by simply doing it yourself, and thats something I want to be an ambassador for.

Are You Working On Any New Projects?
I'm currently writing new material as it comes to me in inspiration - there seems to be quite a few tracks so I'm going to see if it naturally evolves into a collective and look at releasing an EP potentially later on in the year.

IndieNation Review:

    Pop artist Dottie Mai is back with another single titled, "4am." Dottie Mai is a self taught and driven singer songwriter and producer. Her love for music shows up in every song and her evolution as an artist is evident. Her electro-pop music is always upbeat and something that will just make you want to dance. I love the different sounds and instruments you can find in Dottie Mai's music. She's creating her own sound, that's something to be proud of. I expect big things from Dottie as she continues to master some things. Her drive and positive attitude will most definitely help to carry her forward in the music industry.

    Twitter: @dottiemai
    Instagram: @dottiemai

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