Born and raised in Macon,Ga. I’m 22 and i just learned how talented I really was after I dropped my first single in 2010. Go check me out Instagram: @i_am_pressure23 Snapchat : Rongharden

Geri D'Fyniz – I'M D.O.P.E

“I’m Defiantly Opinionated Please Enjoy” says Geri D’Fyniz loud and clear on his new EP. In a brash yet informative tone Geri D’Fyniz shines light on an array of real life topics ranging from social issues plaguing young black men to nice guys finishing last. This project provides the average person with a soundtrack to their life.

The video for the single “Day In The Life” off of the “I’m D.O.P.E EP has garnered over 5000 views on YouTube. Currently Geri D’Fyniz is also producing a music video for his current single “Relentless”. The record “Relentless” has been featured on several websites all over the world including New York, Los Angeles, and even Paris, France.

Geri D’Fyniz also showcased his signed Artist/Music Producer J.Gram Williams that contributed production and several guest verses on the EP. Stream and Download this FREE EP, leave your feedback, share it with your friends, and be sure to follow Geri D’Fyniz on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube

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My love for music has been strong since a young kid, growing up in and around the Cleveland area as kids we spent our time in the late eighties playing nintendo, touch football in the streets, tackle in the yard, and listening to nwa and walk this way. In the 90’s was more of the same, Dr Dre went solo, our street games relocated to the eastlake community center, and Sega had officially took over where NES left off. I fell in love with songs by Michael Jackson, Boyz II Men, and Mariah, then right into rock tracks by Green Day and Nirvana. When Bone came out in Cleveland, that was an exciting time for us around here as well as the Biggy/Pac era, during this time i also got introduced to a future lifelong favorite of mine (Nas). All these musical influences eventually played some part in making me the young, awkward artist I was becoming in my early teens when I started writing lyrics in class. Inspired by Wu Tang Clan, Big Pun, Big L, and other lyrical beasts, I started to develop mine

21 year old rapper and lyricist started writing lyrics in 8th grade. Grew up in a small town near the Hampton’s called Springs. Grew up listening to rap/Hip-hop. The first rap song I ever heard was “My Dad’s Gone Crazy” by Eminem and I was instantly addicted to rap/hip-hop. Heavily influenced by him as well as a bunch of other artiest. I don’t want to be a one lane type of rapper but I prefer writing dark and conscious songs. Rather write music and record songs then sleep or eat any day of the week.

Stage Name: Carlisle Simmons
City/State: NY
Music Genre: Hip Hop/Rap
Twitter ID: @CarlisleSimmons
Song Title: Jungle Juice

A new artist to the game, Yung Citizen blends his own interpretations of Hip Hop along with infusions of R&B/Pop to deliver smooth melodic creations. Accompanied by a poignant and uplifting message, Yung Citizen also produces his own original music. Given the opportunity to engage the music of Yung Citizen, you will find lyrical composition that reaches deep into your soul that is intended to inspire and motivate you to always remain focus on your dreams and aspirations.

Stage Name: Yung Citizen
City/State: Charlotte/ North Carolina
Music Genre: Hip Hop/Rap
Twitter ID: yungcitizen
Song Title: Power People

Blair B – B.A.D. For Life

Hard working, energetic, focused and extremely dedicated is a great way to describe this rapper, singer, songwriter and producer Blair “Blair B” Broussard.
Born in Kalamazoo, Michigan, always surrounded by music, destine to become an entertainer.
His great grandfather, music director for gangster Al Capone’s, Grandfather, Bishop (COGIC) singer/saxophonist and his father, concert promoter and drummer for the late soul singer Dave Prater from Sam & Dave. Always surrounded by music, destine to become an entertainer to entertain a broad audience.
Living in Michigan, Blair had been mainly exposed to pop, gospel R & B and country music. In the year 2000 the family transitioned to Atlanta, Georgia, where he first got exposed to southern hip-hop such as, Nelly, The Hot Boyz, and Ludacris, focusing his attention towards lyrical creativity.
Year 2002, his family moved to Muskegon, Michigan. Blair being deep rooted in his grandfather’s church, now young teenage making bad choices, involved with the wrong crowd, building tension between him and his parents.
Starting to experience consequences, for bad choices, while on punishment, Blair begins using his father’s recording gear. Writing his first song, song receiving air play on local radio station (103.7 the beat), and performing in front of hundreds of people, fueled the desire of songwriting and performing.
His parents noticing his passion for music production, supplied him with a preproduction studio with a challenge to focus on radio friendly material, he then wanting to prove he could live up to the challenge and soon found himself creating a sound that was not only street but with a crossover appeal. He soon found himself writing 2-3 new songs each week, choosing not run with friend doing wrong, just focusing on his passion for music production.
Although he felt he was ready to pursue a recording contract, his parents insisted he finish high school and at least a couple years of college experience, not only to receive knowledge, but build maturity. This path has proven to be a winning path for this beast of a rapping artist, because in 2010 he began doing more live shows, sharing the stage with——————————————————–, hosting and performing night clubs and theatres.
His youtube and facebook is now over 100,000 views, rhythm nation ranked #1 locally and song in rotation at local radio station.

Stage Name: Blair B
City/State: Muskegon, MI
Music Genre: Hip Hop/Rap
Twitter ID: BlairBeezie
Song Title: B.A.D. For Life

YoungstarTP – Get Dough

YoungStarTP was born Naod Alem in Eritrea, East Africa in 1987, however, was raised in Dallas, Texas since the age of 5. While growing up in a neighborhood known for its’ poverty and violent prevalence, he remained a student in the DISD school system and triumphed in his commencement of his high school diploma.
Being a first born male of a traditionally conservative African family, he quickly adapted to the reality of American economic struggle and turned to the streets at a young age for support, acceptance, income, and overall notoriety to provide for himself, girlfriend, and children.
With a colorful upbringing that separated him from the average street hustler, YoungStarTP quickly turned to creating music at the age of 12; thus providing a release, form of therapy, a coming to be as a unique individual perfecting the balance with being a first generation American and the conscious identity of a foreigner.
Growing up in an immigrant family all the while listening to music by southern legends like Scarface, UGK, Z-Ro, S.U.C., Too Short, E-40, Tupac, Biggie, Slim Thug, Lil Flip, Paul Wall and Chamillionaire, The Dungeon Family, Eightball and MJG, etc., YoungStarTP provides an interesting and worldly perspective through a southern gritty Texan scope.
He and another Dallas rapper by the name of Big Name released a debut collaborative project entitled “DoubleTime” which is available for free download on The lead single for this project, “Good Weed”, was debuted on in February of 2013 and altogether has received roughly 50,000 views without a buzz! Three follow up music videos were released on Youtube, “Get It” and “NorthEast”, the latter featuring Mus Matos (Philadelphia) and Yoni Habitz (San Diego). The fourth video is entitled “In Dis Bi%$h” and features two Dallas artists by the name of Prince Rick and Treal Lee (“Walk Around The Club”, “Mr. Hit Dat Hoe”)
YoungstarTP is currently recording his debut solo mixtape entitled “A Star Is Born” and will premiere this in 2014!
With a zeal strong enough to combat many major artists in the industry, YoungStarTP has a will that will not be diminishing nor stopping for ANYONE! Go Follow, Support, and Listen to his arsenal of songs on YouTube at Now!

Stage Name: YoungstarTP
City/State: Dallas, Texas
Music Genre: Hip Hop/Rap
Twitter ID: