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Benny Butcher writes, sings and produces up beat catchy songs indie in origin with an electronic beat. ​ Benny Butcher has had successes playing on XFM, TakSport and Splash FM radio, worked with Radiohead’s producer Ian Davenport and more recently with Revelin Sky releasing an EP available on iTunes. ​ I first picked up the guitar when I was 14 because I wanted to write songs. Since then I have not been able to put the guitar down. I created my first band (Primary) at school at 16 playing Brit-Pop covers of my favorite bands with my friends. At university I avoided study by reforming a new band (Primary) in Norwich – We supported the Sultans of Ping! After Uni, Primary moved to London playing some great venues like Leicester Square’s Hippodrome and we were played on XFM. Now Benny Butcher is solo and recently played on Talk Sport Radio and Splash FM. What inspires you to make music? Creating something out of nothing is amazing, a miracle. When I write new material I love it, I get feeling that don’t get anywhere else. It’s better than anything. Better than sex! Tell us about this project? I plan to release Yes! As my first ever single having just finished filming the video for it on the south coast!

Who were your musical inspirations growing up? The Cure, Ride, Fatboy Slim, Chemical Brothers, The Stone Roses

Are You Working On Any New Projects? Releasing my first single and video. I’ll follow that up with another single release and hopefully build to an album.

How long have you been creating music? 30 years.

Do you want to say anything to the people who support your music? There aren’t many. But for those that have, it means everything.

IndieNation Review! 

Indie Pop Star Benny Butcher just released a hit new single titled, “None Yet.” One thing I noticed right away is that Benny Butcher creates music that can could easily fit into multiple genres. I love his unique sound. I couldn’t classify his music on genre. 

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