Been Frank, better known as Smittie Da Hippie, is a lover of entertainment, enlightenment, and all things hippie. He believes people should be able to experience and enjoy all that life has to offer without being judged. He impresses those beliefs throughout his music and art. If you are a fan of or an influencer of culture and the nightlife of Atlanta or any other party city, I got something special for you. Been Frank releases his latest single “Da Weedman” on all platforms. It’s an energetic attempt to explain why women all over the world can’t resist or live without “Da Weedman”. Tune in to hear more… What inspires you to make music? Music is my soulmate. When I wake up in the morning it’s the firs thing I think about. When I lay down at night it’s the last thing on my mind. Tell us about this project? Da Weedman is was a project I came up with while in prison reminiscing on all the beautiful women that used to beat my line for weed. Some would flirt and some would play hard to get but in the end we all got what we want. I narrowed as many of those personalities as I could into the female subject matters throughout the song. When I came up with the lyrics for Violin, I just thought about how women feel in the club or any social event after being on too much or too many party favors and just needing to smoke and catch a vibe. Who were your musical inspirations growing up? I was and still am inspired by anyone in this industry that can find a way to move people with their stories and words. Are You Working On Any New Projects? I’m working on collaborations with artist on My label GreenHouse Entertainment. I’m also putting together a album featuring multiple up and coming Atlanta artist called “Tales From Da Soufside”. I’m strictly on production on this one. I got plenty of merch coming for the spring and summer. I got my first shoe goes live on May 1st. You can check that out at How long have you been creating music? I been engineering and producing for about 20 years but I started doin it professionally in 2014. Do you want to say anything to the people who support your music? I want to say I Love You and I Thank You for taking time and energy to listen, support, and live this musical journey with me. It’s definitely gonna get more trippy and more hippie so stack, pray, and stay out the way… It’s Da Hippie Way. Twitter: @Smittiedahippie Instagram: @da_hippie Facebook: @mayorbeenfrank

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