About Us




A brief history of IndieNation and our plans for the future


The IndieNation Community has formed into a major platform showcasing the best unsigned talent in the world. In less than a year IndieNation has featured over 15k artists who have created over 750k Blog Views. IndieNation has climbed up the ranking charts and has given Indie Artists a voice. 



IndieNation from the start has been about finding an innovative solution to generate more income for independent artists. What does that mean? We were built to help you make more money off of your music career and were going to do it our way. We understand what you’re going through. We know what it takes to get you to the next level. The IndieNationApp was our solution. First off we wanted to save you time so that you can focus on your music career. We took everything that you will need to promote yourself or gain the information you need to further your career and put it all in one location. Blogs, music videos, features, press releases, social media promotions, competitions and achievements, radio, the capabilities are endless and will be ever changing to suit the needs of the independent artist. Join our community and revolutionize your music career.


IndieNation is a community of dreamers and independent thinkers. That automatically sets us up for a bright future. Together we will continue to grow and expand. We will continue to use technology to our advantage and also put our artists first. The future will show that IndieNation has created the new solution for unsigned artists.